Bunion Surgery Diary weeks 0-2

OK! We'll start off....but please do comment on your experiences, and before long we will have a really helpful "collective experience" of bunion surgery.



You will come back from the operating theatre with a bulky bandage. The foot is usually nice and comfortable, as the anaesthetist will have used a local anaesthetic ankle block which will leave the foot quite numb for 6-12 hours.

Once you have had something to eat and drink it is advisable to begin taking your post-operative pain medication, as directed by your doctor, whilst the foot is still numb. This may sound strange, but it makes for a gentle transition to adequate pain relief once the block wears off, you may find that you have taken 2 doses of pain relief before the feeling returns.

If you do have some discomfort or pain over the first couple of days, this usually settles by the third day.

You will have a special surgical sandal, you must wear this whenever you put weight through the foot in order to protect the surgical correction.

Elevation is the key after surgery! ideally above your heart and hips! Swelling causes unnecessary pain and doesn't help the healing process. It often helps to plan things that keep your mind occupied as elevation tends to be boring! whether its books, movies, mini-series, knitting being occupied makes it easier.

Cold packs can help, (avoid applying ice directly onto the skin as it causes ice burns!).

Wriggle your toes, bend your ankles and knees to keep the circulation flowing........................

We'd like to know about your experience of week 0-2?